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So I kicked off my heels and sat on the sofa next to this actor and sipped wine slowly. “So, if you came through recommendation, can I ask who recommended me to you please?” I decided to call Mr. Hot, ‘Joe’, as I really do not reveal who he is.

Joe looked at me and his green eyes hinted at amusement, but I sensed a degree of caution. “It was Sasha. The lady you used to work for. I browsed through her escorts in London and I wasn’t sure. Before I rung off to look elsewhere, she gave me your number. I asked her not to contact you directly, as I wanted to speak with you and talk with you first. She said you would be ideal and she was sorry you were winding down.”

That was it. I’d take Sasha to lunch for this. “Joe, can I read the script please? Or, if that is subject to privacy issues, can you tell me the story and what you need from me?”

I could see his gaze fall to my thighs. My dress had risen four inches above my knees and the sheer nude stockings, as he had requested, showed off my shapely legs.

Joe did not answer; instead he reached over and slowly lifted the hem of my dress, to reveal the suspenders, and a tiny portion of my creamy thigh. Then he pulled my dress down and patted my thigh.

“I think you’ll be just fine. I need to meet with you three times. Today, I just want to talk and perhaps I’ll just explore how this feels and to write down my thoughts. I need to get into this space of an escorts client. Then the next time, it’ll be different again.”

I listened carefully as Joe went to top up his glass, but I declined more wine. We had three hours booked today, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t be getting anywhere near this actor’s legendary body today.

Joe was wearing sweatpants, and I could see his muscles bulging through his t-shirt. I had to ask him. “Am I being filmed, because that is against the clauses within the contract you signed? I need to know that first, before we continue.” I was business-like and not too curt; I had my own interests to protect.

Joe took my hand and kissed the back of it gently, starting a whirlwind of activity in my nether regions. “No, it isn’t. I like how you are switched on and kind of edgy.”

I took his hand and kissed the back of it very slowly, as a reply.


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