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Sex money and rock n roll

My mom would tell you that loud music is for those who are keen on going deaf. However, I strongly disagreed- I loved my music loud. I feel like the louder the music is, the more it sinks into my soul and gets me moving. This is perhaps what prompted me to seek friendships in one of the most amazing rock bands on the London music scene. I’d met these guys at a club when I first moved to the big city and we had been close ever since. I remember the first time that they invited me to one of their concerts. Though I had known them all quite well, I was a little bit shy to do the whole backstage scene but they insisted that they wanted me there. Rather than going alone, I asked my friend Marie to join me. Just like me, she’s an escort and one who knows what fun is all about.

Upon watching the way that I communicated with the lead singer of the band, she got the idea that he had a crush on me. I brushed this off because even though he was seriously attractive, I had only ever viewed us as friends. I would never try to do anything that would change our relationship. However, Marie’s a talker and she can be quite a convincing one. So, at the end of the band’s performance, Marie walked right up to the lead singer, Andrew- a guy she’d never met- and told him that I secretly had the hots for him. I couldn’t believe it. I was exceptionally embarrassed and wanted to hide away in a corner. But Andrew did something unexpected. Instead of asking me if what Marie said was true, he decided that it would be a good idea to wrap his arms around me and pull me in for a deep and passionate kiss. My mind told me to pull away but my body wouldn’t allow it. It felt so good having his tongue toy with mine that I didn’t want it to stop. When things started to get even more heated, he whisked me away to his hotel room where he introduced me to a side of him that I’d never seen before but one I want to see a lot more of.

Sure, our friendship has changed, but I can honestly say that it has changed for the better.

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