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Newbie escorts give the utmost pleasure

I was pretty shy when I came to London and started escorting but I eventually came into my own once I started to open up and let out my inner freak. I knew that I would have to release my inner sex beast at some point in time and that’s why I headed here, to the world where all the real career girl escorts can be found.

Was it a tough decision? by no means. I was sick of spending night after night not getting the fulfillment I truly deserved, especially with a body as delicious as mine. I knew it was time for me to allow the men and women in London to get a taste of Marina and her best friend that stayed hiding under a skirt and silky panties way too much. I never realized that my first job out the gate would be the one that would change me, but only for the better, or rather, for the best. Alan was just adventurous and wild! I feared that he could tell that I was a newbie escort but I put on my experienced face anyway and tried to go with the flow. Since it was our first time, he wanted to know more about me. Mainly, he wanted to know what was allowed and what was off limits; I told him that I was down for anything and all my holes were available for his utmost pleasure. That definitely pleased and got him extremely aroused. Soon, he was stripping me down to view my sexy thong and beautiful breasts. He began licking at them while I took him in my hands.

I did things to this wonderful man that I’ve never done in my life and in return, I got the same, insurmountable pleasure. He was perfect, a 22 carat London gentleman who knew just how to treat and how to please a girl. I loved every moment that I spent in his company and all the while, I wished that this experience would never end. Ecstasy was about to be achieved and the look in his eyes showed me that the same was true for him. This was better than any dream I could have ever had and Alan confessed that he’d never had an experience quite like the one we shared together. Needless to say, week after week, Marina gets called to tickle his fancy and bring him to a new world and back, each and every time.

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