Most generous pleasers

Girlfriends are the best kind of company. I’d always thought that when I moved to London it would be hard to find a group of friends like the ones that I left back home. Back in Eastern Europe, there was always something for me to do and moving to a new city meant that I would have to start over. New place, new beginnings, new friends- I really needed to start from scratch. However, the moment that I joined forces with the escorts who run the agency, all my fears were set aside. I was introduced to some of the most interesting and fun girls I had ever met. They were always up for something fun and I knew that it wouldn’t be hard for me to call this wonderful city home, after all.

On our first night out they gave me an introduction like no other. I guess you could say that their definition of a party is a lot different than one expects. Like any other party, there was music and yes, there were drinks. But the icing on the cake came with the surprise they had in store for me. Six feet and six inches high stood the most appetizing man I’d ever laid eyes on. His body was perfectly toned with a set of mouthwatering abs. I could have stared at him all night, in fact, I kinda did stare at him all night. He was there for me and he had one intention- to fulfill my every need. If I was thirsty, the amazing Javier would be prepared to get me a drink. If I was thirsty for something else, you can bet he knew just how to quench that kind of thirst too.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long after meeting him for me to want to sneak away to somewhere a bit more private. My friend, Elle, had no oppositions when it came to us taking some time out in her bedroom. And I’m extremely grateful for that. Javier was one of the most generous pleasers I’ve ever been with and also one of the most experienced. Usually, I’m the one with all the tricks up my sleeve, but that night, he insisted that I kicked back, relax and allowed him to put on the show. One orgasm led to another and then another until I lost count. I could have spent the entire night lost in his embrace!

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