The escort mantra

I’ve just finished my client visit and was about to hail a taxi back to a meeting with some escorts from a new London agency, when I noticed a familiar white car cruising past me. I knew from the number plate that it belonged to Vlad. As it slowed down, the red brake lights came on, followed quickly by a reverse movement back towards where I was standing. Vlad had seen me.

As he popped open the car door, I could feel myself trying not to think about the fact I’d had experienced such steamy sex with this man. Now he wasn’t a client of my escort business, but he wasn’t a friend either. I wasn’t sure how I should categorise him, but he asked me if I wanted a lift home, or if I wanted to pop to bar London which was nearby. I guess this would offer me the opportunity to find out more about the woman he was with just few nights ago.

I dare not ask myself any more questions as I hopped inside. It was quite a high ride and as I looked at him, I noticed he looked tired. “I’m glad I’ve seen you properly. I wasn’t sure if you still wanted to see me, in any capacity.”

I took his arm. “Of course, I like you, but I’m not working in that capacity for a while. I want to see how things go.” I did not elaborate, but he knew what I meant. He turned my way suddenly, flashed me a smile, which had the immediate impact of completely disarming me. This guy was still gorgeous, with a smile and a physical presence I could not deny. I needed to find out what he wanted, so I suggested we stopped for a quick drink before we headed back home.

I did appreciate the fact he wanted to still speak with me. I hoped I would not lose the flat as a result of my decision not to be with him romantically, but I’d soon find out. Vlad was wearing my favourite aftershave. I noticed as he helped me out of the car as I struggled in my heels. His hands were warm on my arm, and his touch made me tingle. All I could do was to repeat to myself in my head. “Do not sleep with him!” It sounded like a mantra on continuous loop.


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