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Anna was out-of-sorts. We’d met for dinner in central London and she was fidgeting. I asked her what was wrong and she did not answer immediately and swirled her pasta around her fork almost absent-mindedly. I wondered what was wrong and I had a sinking suspicion that she might know about what I do for a living.

After about ten minutes I asked her if she was pregnant and she looked at me horrified. “No, I’m not. I just found myself wondering what you would be doing with a man in his forties at the theatre. He wasn’t your type at all. I know you said you weren’t dating, but I wondered if this guy was the right guy for you.”

I thought for a moment as I realised that she had seen me with Dominic the previous week. “Ah, you mean Dominic. I met him at a party and his wife has just left him. He needed some company so we had dinner and went to the theatre. I didn’t see you there.”

Anna looked almost relieved. “I saw you there, but I work with his wife. He wasn’t nice to her, so I wondered if there was something going on between the two of you.”

I shook my head as I ate a forkful of chili and lime-coated prawns. “Nope it was a one-off date and I doubt if we’ll meet again.”

I was back in control again, but I flushed as I realised Anna wasn’t telling me the full story. There must be something else about Dominic that I did not know. Other than that, I don’t think she knows any more about my other London life than she did before. I can also be very economical with the truth; escorts know how to do this very well.

Anna carried on eating. “Did you sleep with him?”

I hushed her and reddened. I hadn’t but that was none of her business. “No actually, drinks, dinner and show and he paid for my cab home. So, what aren’t you telling me? I’m intrigued.”

It was Anna’s turn to flush as she whispered. “He’s slept with call girls. You know, hookers. His wife found out and left him.”

It was my turn to look surprised. Dominic had not let on and he had been certain of the “no-sex” boundary. I gasped and whispered. “Really! Do you think many men don’t tell their wives what they get up to?”

Anna told me that she had treated many men and women for sexually-transmitted diseases; sleeping around with multiple partners was a fairly common practice in her view. On my part, I kept quiet and wondered about Dominic. Would he be up for anything more if he contacted me again?


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