The escort who pays the cheque

I knew I was treading on dangerous ground as I headed into the hotel for sure London escorts have a sixth sense. I actually didn’t want to see Josh, particularly not in HIS role as a paid companion, but the late Monday night appointment was nerve-wracking, and not for sexual reasons.

This industry is intertwined in so many ways; and help comes in all sorts of different forms, from protection, to recommendations, and covering shifts. I wasn’t part of that particular crew anymore, but I knew the boundaries. Had I over-stepped them by booking him for an appointment with him.

The reason for booking him as my escort was not to have sex. That was the first thing. Secondly I had booked him to arrive at six in the evening, for two hours. That was the earliest he was able to attend after leaving work.

I actually had another client, my own, arriving at nine-thirty, but my plan was to leave a cheque for him, and then disappear. I’d watch to see him arrive and leave at a safe distance; hence the hotel I’d booked was in a residential area. I had picked my spot in a nearby coffee shop to watch him; all carefully, no, meticulously planned, of course.

I had a cheque in my bag as I nervously approached the door to the hotel room. I was early and the booking was under one of my other names. I knew Josh was only in the escorts business to pay of his dad’s debt. That was why I’d brought a cheque for a large proportion of the alleged amount owed. If it wasn’t enough, at least it would help shoulder any main debtor issues until he raised the rest of the money.

Why was I doing this? Perhaps there was a sense of guilt at my assumptions. His reaction to my lingerie modelling wasn’t a negative judgement about me. I’d also felt awkward about how I had left things. I had feelings for him too; they were still simmering under the surface. Finally, I felt jealous about other London women, and men apparently, who were sleeping with him. That shook me to the core. We hadn’t got that far in our relationship.

So I opened the door at five as planned, having left the second key card at reception. I didn’t take off my coat, but placed my overnight bag onto the tub chair, by the window. I closed the curtains, sat on the bed and started to take several deep breaths. Then I placed the envelope addressed to him on the bed beside me. The last thing I expected was the bathroom door starting to open!


London escorts with a big heart


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