Incurable Romantic

“I love the heat between a man and a woman when there is prior knowledge of their touch, the feel of their lips on your skin, the way they can turn you on in ways you both know, even if there is no emotional involvement.”

That was the parting shot from Richard, as I changed back into my clothes, following a lengthy session in his office suite. Richard is a workaholic and his pull-down bed probably is the only sex-toy he has ever owned, and luckily, it hides away neatly in the closet.

His desire was so urgent this time that the whole session only lasted for ten minutes. He wanted me to keep my underwear on, but just to let him slide inside my knickers; it felt seductively nice and naughty at the same time; almost as though the encounter was incidental and not his main focus. All the time, he whispered dirty things that an escort just loves to hear and all that did was to fire up the heat between us.

Afterward I turned him onto his back at his request, and massaged his shoulders and down to his buttocks. He liked the idea of long fingernails slowly scraping his buttocks and he flinched every time I did that. Soon he was sleepy and I cuddled him close, in just the way he liked.

Then it was back to work. I looked at the dark, curly hair and long lashes framing his almond-shaped eyes and wondered if I would ever bag someone so gorgeous and successful. His wife was lucky; even though he worked long hours to secure the future of his family. I liked that motivation, but I felt some pity for his wife who felt too heavily pregnant to indulge his desires.

Deep down, I think Richard is an incurable romantic that no escort in her right mind would turn away. This is evidenced by the gifts he lavishes on me. This time it was a Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Gift Set, with a lovely, unique scent and matching body lotion. I took it with a mixed feeling of surprise and gratitude. I wondered if his wife used it, but it didn’t matter, the smell was simply gorgeous. When I get home, I’ll draw a deep bath and used the lotion to remind me of how hot I felt today.



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