Filling The Gaps in The Gap Year

Ben was lush. He was one of those androgynous men in London who escorts always found looked almost feline. He’d sent me a message on my page and I’d sent him more photos and my terms. I sounded like the exact opposite of what he’d wanted, but he sounded friendly on the phone. At the end of the call, he’d told me he thought he could have sex with me as I didn’t feel like a stranger now.

Whilst he was purely heterosexual, he was single and wanted to be, until his girlfriend came back from her gap year in Malaysia. Almond-shaped green eyes, skinny, with trendy jeggings and black sculpted hair, this was going to be a pleasure.” There’s only so much you can do with one hand,” he joked. “I bought a doll, but I’m allergic to it.” We both laughed. On my part his honesty shone from those green eyes. As an App developer, he was introvert and lived in a virtual world of gaming, technology and creativity. I found myself wondering, as Olivia served us two bottles of beer, exactly what he’d be like in bed. Olivia winked as I passed her to go upstairs. As my last escort appointment tonight, this hour would be both fun, but interesting too.

Ben was witty. “So what exactly is the process here?” I giggled at that line. “You can tell me or show me what you want. Pretend I’m Lara Croft or some game heroine if you want. You’ve either just been fighting me, or you’ve just rescued me.”

Ben laughed at that. I sensed a camaraderie that was missing with some clients. “Alternatively, I could get you aroused, slip on a condom and ride you.” Ben’s eyes lit up. “That is exactly what I want. I’ll let you lead me and then I won’t feel guilty. I’ve not had proper sex for four months and I really need to be inside a hot, juicy escorts pussy for a long, slow screw. Is that okay?”

I nodded, grabbed the bottle of beer and we chatted for a few minutes as we finished our drinks.

The sex wasn’t brilliant, but we did laugh. I’d found nothing feminine about him sexually, but those eyes were shining like emeralds afterwards.


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