Huge Hands Touching Me Everywhere

Reuben brushed his teeth and joined me, whipping the small towel off his hips. Reuben was taller than I by around five inches. He stood close behind me, but without pressing against me, took the soap out of my hand and started to play around with my soapy breasts, he was a man who enjoyed the company of escorts and when he comes to London he always books a girl.

“I’m a Head Gardener and a yacht enthusiast, so if my hands are a little rough, I am sorry I haven’t had any treatment on them or a month. I‘ve been busy”.

I soon forgot about that as his hands worked their way around my shoulders across my blades and down my back, causing me to shiver. It did not go unnoticed. I took the soap from him, but did not turn around. Instead I soaped his seed giver gently, letting him know I was being careful. I stroked the skin with my fingertip as I moved up and down Reuben was quiet as he shampooed his dark hair, not giving me any outward sign that he was enjoying this. Only that soon his erection gave him away, as he let out a low growl.

Reuben turned off the shower and got out, quickly drying his cock before helping me out. He took out his condom and put it on as he watched the soap suds still coursing over my bare backside.

He inserted himself inside me, letting my body drip water over the floor. He kissed my neck as he watched himself taking me. His body looked a lot larger than mine, and I lifted my leg slightly so that he could fully push inside and enjoy feeling of his chosen escorts body from tip to toe to centre.

Soon, we could see the mirror steaming up again, not as much from the shower, but from the heat of our bodies. His hands held my breasts and I was sure I could hear voices from the bedroom next to ours. We were in a hotel and the acoustics were probably not that great. I could hear myself panting and watched his huge hands touching me everywhere he could manage to feel from that position. He was slowly screwing me, not rough. He was in fact very unlike the feel of his hands, not at all coarse, but gentle after all.


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