My bottom was sore

It was my last agency appointment before Christmas; four-thirty on Christmas Eve, I can assure you that I’m not the only London escort attending one more booking before the holidays start. I was planning to get my train at six-thirty to Aylesbury, where my dad would pick me up and drive me the twenty minute journey home in time for a family meal, followed by a few drinks in our local pub.

I walked to the Marylebone apartment which was luckily only a five minute walk from my station, and I readied myself. I knew Crispin from my early escort days in London, but he was flying out on Boxing Day to meet with family in the Caribbean. He wanted nothing but a pizza on Christmas Day and seemed to be happy to keep himself to himself.

Ninety minutes seems like a long time to fill when the deed itself only takes around a tenth of that time, but Crispin liked his fun and stimulation. As he opened the door, Crispin was in his dressing gown, freshly-bathed and shaved, and ready to pour a glass of champagne to celebrate Christmas. At seventy, he was spritely, and enjoyed three or four female escorts during the course of the year. He wasn’t afraid to tell me of his exploits.

I undressed and kneeled down in my lingerie set; one I’d been allowed to keep from my modelling session. I left on my bra, stockings and suspenders but was knicker-less as per his requirements.

On the television, his favourite porn film was about to start. It featured spanking, and he liked me to bend over whilst he watched the film, whilst he used a paddle to redden my skin, followed by caresses, and then sex; always from behind. He sometimes managed two climaxes in a session.

Crispin was one of those characters; divorced three times, and not looking for anything but fun, frolics and a little bit of naughtiness. He was already aroused as the girl in the film, had another woman spanking her, and telling her off for masturbating whilst at work. As he stroked and felt my bottom, murmuring quietly, the girl in the film was now crying out that she was sorry. He couldn’t help himself, and slipped inside me, as the girl now had red welts on her skin; a fact which excited him to orgasm.

When I left, I hurried to the station, wondering how I was going to sit still as my bottom was still quite sore.


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