My apartment is ready for action

There was no way I was going to decorate the feature wall of my London flat myself. Come on realistically how many escorts do decorating? Firstly I don’t like heights and secondly it would probably turn out to be a waste of wallpaper. Instead I asked around and found a decorator who would do this in one morning for me. I’d worked out that the area to be covered needed just over three rolls. If there was any spare, I wanted to use it along the back wall of the tiny reception hall.

I locked all of the wardrobe doors and moved all of the furnishings out of the room. When it was ready, I stood back and breathed a sigh of relief.

So I left the decorator to it and was delighted to hear that there would be enough wallpaper left to decorate the back wall. I had bought a new throw to match and I placed the standard lamp along the back wall. Once the job was completed I was so pleased with the quality look and feel to the room, I could not wait to bring a client back here for some special call girl attention.

After I had finished staging the room, I lay back on the bed. I knew I only had five months left on the apartment lease here, but I wanted to stay for another year. I decided to ring the agency and mention that I would want to renew my contract. Perhaps I should have done that before I’d spent the money on decorating.

Then I had a worrying thought. I had obtained the apartment due to the fact the Russian landlord had organised this with my Madam. What if my decision to leave my Madam and go it alone, so to speak, would impact on my ability to retain the apartment? I’d only finished working with her three weeks ago, so if it had not filtered through to the agency, then I should be okay.

I sat down as I was connected to the agency and asked about the lease renewal. The assistant checked the file and did say I had another five months of the lease left. I explained that I wanted to stay for another year in London and could this be agreed within the next month or so. She would ring back to update me.

I made a smoked salmon and cheese bagel, and munched away as I admired my bedroom wall. When the phone rang, I was informed that the extension was for six months only, as the owner wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with the apartment after that.

At least I have almost a year left here to enjoy my new wallpaper!



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