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Administering Intense Brutal Spanking

If anyone had walked in they would have seen a strange site. While I was still dressed, I wore see-through knickers, stockings and suspenders, plus my skirt was hitched up like an escort girl just banged in a London hotel room.

My client was on stage two of my disciplinary procedure. The first had been a pain/pleasure experience, with my hand stroking the soft skin of his buttock, following by skin-pinching, at his request, and spanking.

Now, I was to turn up the heat a notch.

This is the type of client I relish. He wanted not to be judged for his desires, and his fetish for a woman’s underwear and shoes wasn’t as odd as you might think. These were simple wishes I could easily fulfil. High heels are a symbol of feminism and self-expression. With the exception of Eddie Izzard, I can’t think of any man who would wear them daily.

The spanking resumed with a whip, with a horse-tail end. It flayed him again and again. His erection strained, but he wasn’t ready for climax yet. I hit him stroke after stroke and his knees buckled as he groaned. Intimate stroking followed for a few minutes to cool down the skin, followed by another whipping session only the specialist escorts like myself can be trusted to administer such an intense but brutal spanking experience.

I released the stockings from the suspender belt as I chastised him for being horny whilst he was being whipped. I pinched the skin again, and then trailed my nipples on his bottom, telling him exactly what I was doing. He would not last much longer.

Taking the thicker whip out, I showed it to him and made him lick the end. The previous whip I inserted into his mouth as a gag. “Bite down on this if you feel too much pain.”

A few minutes later, I could see that he was ready for my next move. I placed protection on him, carefully caressing him as I did so. Then I massaged him quickly whilst spanking him with my hand. He became so excited, but I stopped. “Don’t think you’re going to get away with that!” I exclaimed as my hands rubbed his streaked skin again. His skin was blotchy all over as he blood rose to the surface.

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