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Celine and the Has-Been Rock Star

The room was really loud, Rihanna was screaming about finding love through the speakers ” a topic frequently discussed among escorts in London” and there was the loud clink of champagne glasses and several different conversations going on in the room. Of course Celine didn’t know anyone. Her ‘date’ for the evening was over in the bathroom probably shooting up. She’d heard about him before the bookers at the London office gave her this contact. They said his career was careering toward disaster because he couldn’t stay sober for more than five minutes at a time. Still, as long as he wasn’t trying to make her do the Boutros Ghali with him, she was fine.

Just because she was a one-time looker didn’t mean she didn’t have standards.

“You got a lovely set of bacons…. you here alone?” Some trust fund baby looking Roy sidled up to her to ask. Celine gave her professional smile and moved away slowly. In the interests of possible future relations, she didn’t want to push him away too hard. But her rock star had paid for the whole night tonight which meant she wasn’t available for drunken posh yobs no matter how much they had to spend on escorts.

“There you are my girl”, her has been rock star said coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. He felt her up the Myleene; probably the Charlie making him randy.

“Here I am”, she replied with a smile, turning in his arms to look up at him, “You ready to go?”

“Not yet. I just ran into Mick and he wants to talk music for a bit. Wanna come meet him?”

“Hell yeah.”

The rock star took her hand and led her deeper into the crowd.

Celine woke late having arrived home some time after three in the morning. Crazy times with rock stars might just be up her alley but escorts in London need their beauty sleep. She had an opening to attend this evening according to her calendar but she was free as a bird till then. She declared a spa day; her pores were crying out for it – champagne, cucumber on her eyelids, the whole nine.

After the awards after-party they’d gone on to the rock star’s place where he and Mick were jamming until morning. Her head was still ringing with the sound of bass drums and electric guitar. She felt like her skin was still buzzing with the excitement of it. Working as an escort had its ups and downs but watching two rock gods go at it was definitely one of the high points.


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