Mesmerizing naked body

Away from London and all the hustle and bustle of the big city, it was time to enjoy my vacation. Tucked away on a private beach in the Caribbean, I was having the most relaxing but yet, uneventful time. There’s something about being the escort of choice to many and having a great sexual appetite that makes relaxing without fulfillment a great degree harder. So, when a fine Gentleman by the name of Stewart showed up, there was no questioning whether or not I’d allow his charm to work on me. I could feel the intensity of his stare as he watched me from afar. I have that hold on men- the one that makes them look but feel a bit too intimidated to walk right over and strike up a conversation. I glanced back at Stewart, meeting his eyes in a welcoming manner. He took a few strides closer to me and I could tell that he was still a bit uncertain as to whether or not I wanted to enjoy his company.

‘Come on over,’ I called out, waving him in.

His pace increased and he pretty much skipped right over to me. As he sat down, I placed my hand on his leg, showing him that I was a lot friendlier than he could have ever imagined. His smile stretched across his face as he reveled in the way my touched became more and more intense as the conversation carried on. Not before long, I had him entangled in a deep kiss. His soft lips against mine were just what I needed to add the right degree of spark to my vacation. Hesitantly, he unraveled the string of my bikini top.

‘Go ahead. Take it off if you want. I won’t stop you,’ I ensured him.

He did as I requested, swiftly revealing my ample breasts and naked body to the open world. He was amazed and truly satisfied with what he saw. But the real heat came when I allowed him to indulge. The way he took advantage of my body was definitely mesmerizing. I didn’t think that a timid man like Stewart would know how to completely please a girl like me. But as they say, ‘looks can be deceiving’. My first impression of Stewart was one that didn’t do him justice but he made sure to prove me wrong by doing all the right things. I allowed him to spend the night with me and offer me even more satisfaction during my vacation.

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