Sexy Escorts in Short Skirts

After a long nap, I needed to work out the right outfit an escort should wear for posh London dinner party. Sex would follow and I read through the specific instructions. I needed to wear:

Either red or black underwear – preferably with some revealing aspects.

I took out a red lacy body with a split crotch. It was new, but I had bought long lacy fingerless gloves to match it. My alternative was a full, sheer black body stocking that makes me look absolutely vampish. The half-cup bra with the sheer thong was more burgundy. Josh liked me to wear that, so I put it to one side. I didn’t want to be reminded of Josh when I was riding another guy even if I’m only his escort for the night it just would not be right. The final one was a black and red body which was plain, but the instructions explicitly stated ‘either’ and ‘or’.

There – my decision was made. The red lacy stocking would go well with the red dress I was planning to wear, until I read the next instruction.

A short skirt would be nice, with a buttoned blouse.

I looked through my wardrobe and found a lovely blue silk skirt which reached about two inches above my knee. The floral-patterned blouse was the only one which would cover either red or black as my other two were silver and cream. The naughty underwear would show through.

The next instruction made me laugh.

Please bring the dildo which can bring you off easily.

I had so many to choose from. There were no instructions as to colour, so I chose two rabbit-style rotating ones, with clit stimulators, and a plain black ribbed one with just the stimulator.

I packed them into my bag and realised the last instruction was still there to be read.

If you prefer flavoured condoms or ribbed, that’s fine too, over any plain ones.

I had a sense this was a tentative first time into the London escort world. I would take a sample and he could choose. It wasn’t the first time I would be having sex with a foreign dignitary, but it was the first time a PA had hand-typed instructions and sent them to my P.O. Box.

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