Gin tasting sessions with my BF

I had just finished my photo-shoot and the dates for the Milan shoot were confirmed my life was every London escort girls dream. I was flying out on the Thursday morning for an afternoon/evening shoot, and then would be going to a villa located on the shores of one of the Italian Lakes for a full day shoot, on the Friday.

I’d managed to arrange a flight back on Sunday afternoon and the great news was that Josh could fly out of London on the Friday morning and stay over on the Friday and Saturday. I’d be finished by four on the Friday and Josh would find us somewhere to stay as his treat.

I was excited as I looked through the range I’d be wearing. These were for the new Spring lingerie collection which would be launched mid-February. The good news was that the range wasn’t too skimpy, and featured lots of pale, neutral body stockings and bold, full-coverage bras and knickers. I’d be able to keep them to wear on escort dates, so that was an added bonus.

When I’d finished dressing and fixing my hair, I headed off to meet with Franz, my best male and very platonic friend. As a gay man, who loved the excitement of having a BF in London who was one of the escort girls around town, he was my go-to person, but he was my party friend too. Whenever there was something exciting happening, I’d be on the invitation list. This evening we’d been invited to a gin-tasting session. I wasn’t a huge fan of anything but Hendricks, with a large slice of cucumber and plenty of ice, but Franz mentioned the tour and tasting session, so I was certainly not going to pass on this experience. I’d looked at the website and liked the sound of the sloe gin, made with blackthorn berries, and the spicy, citrus version.

Franz on the other hand, had a discount voucher he planned to use. His mum would be the lucky recipient of a bottle of premium gin, as part of her Christmas present. I knew I’d purchase a bottle for my mum too.

After the tour, which shared a lot of information about the story of London gin, we tried three of the gins. I’m more used to gin as part of a cocktail, but you could tell by the taste, it was high quality. Franz was funny. He was the connoisseur, asking lots of questions, but I did learn a lot from the answers. It put me in the mood to go to a cocktail bar, and that was where we headed immediately afterwards; just one though. I needed to keep a clear head for work the next day.


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