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Those Eyes Electrify Me

Sebastian was a playboy on the biggest, richest kind. He was suave to the point of almost being a caricature of himself, with an edge to him that would befit a new James Bond candidate. Tall, handsome, with a killer smile, he made many girls from so many London escorts agencies just swoon.

I was at a party with Joanna, an ex-escort, when I noticed him looking at me, over a Martini. He was smiling as he sipped and I’d looked away. I would not trust a guy like that as a boyfriend.

Several hours later, he would be a new client. “I think it is that Brigitte Bardot look that gets me. I’m curious enough to give this a try.” He smiled and I almost wavered at the sight of the whitest of teeth. This guy was dangerous. I reckoned he had broken many a female heart.

I was clear. “I’ll be your agency escort, so think about where you want to meet – I’ll meet in a hotel lobby, or a bar, or in your room.”

Sabastian smiled and his green eyes glinted seductively. Joanna had pulled me away after I’d given him a card. His parting comment made me vow I would not enjoy the experience to come.

“I hope you will be worth it. Those eyes just electrify me. I might not call you – you look like you know exactly what you could do to me.”

I shrugged my shoulders but left the room feeling just a little excited about the prospect of a call. Joanna looked at me. “Sebastian was a direct client of Sasha’s. I need to let you know because she had a torrid affair with him about five years ago. She was still an escort then, but the lines were extremely blurred. Her husband was away all the time in Dubai as the property market was growing and she was left at home.”

If I’d thought about it deeply enough, I could have guessed that. Sasha loved her husband, but her clients had provided an escape for her. She hadn’t been an escort in over three years and now had two children. She was picky, but perhaps Sebastian was the wrong type of ‘pick’.


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