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All I wanted to do was to enjoy a movie in the comfort of my new flat in London, I had invited a few escorts who are friends from work over to cuddle up and watch the film with me. But I should have known better. These girls aren’t good girls, they are very, very, naughty girls. They are the kind of girls who go to sleep with sex on their mind and wake up with sex on their mind.

Needless to say, the escort industry is the perfect one for them, as it is for me. I think the reason I invited them over, rather than watching the movie myself, was because deep down, I wanted to get into all the mess that I knew they would be up to. Before the movie had started, the clothes came of. My friend Cindy had brought all her special oils and, Julie began to raid my fridge, finding all the things she thought would taste one hundred percent better being eaten off the body of a woman. Who was her woman of choice? Me, of course. The minute she flashed her cheeky smile at me, I knew that I needed to assume my position, and allow her to coat my body with her evening snack.

She gave my nipples a nice, long lick, before applying a copious amount of whipped cream to each one. She then tucked a strawberry neatly in my belly button, and added a dollop of ice cream to the most private part of my body. I clenched my teeth as the cold took over my tight love box, but not before long, Julie a new recruit to the escorts fraternity in London, gave me all the warmth I needed with those plump lips of hers, licking away the ice cream as though she was starving. But even after the last drop, she continued to eat away at my womanhood, forgetting all about my breasts. ‘It’s so sweet, so moist, so decadent,’ she said, her voice muffled as she tried to speak with her mouth still sucking away at me. As I let out an exceptionally loud moan, all the attention in my London apartment turned to me and everyone made their way over to get a taste of the dessert Julie had prepared on my sexy body. Whipped cream was licked away and then more was added, followed by chocolate and fruit. I loved every minute of it. I was the centre of pleasure filled attention and movie night, turned into a lot more than I intended, but everything I wanted.

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