He wanted action

I was happy to take as much direction as asked when it came to posturing and posing. Mario was a new client, who liked to touch himself, whilst watching Russian escorts like me perform various intimate acts on myself, using various implements. However, I was not planning to put ‘soap on a rope’ anywhere near my inside private parts. The thought made me feel itchy.

“There are a few boundaries,” I whispered as I reached down to touch his chocolate-brown cock, complete with a tattoo. “Did that hurt?” I asked curiously. “It’s just that I’ve come across many a piercing, at the tip, on the foreskin, and at the base, but I have never in my life, come across a tattoo on a cock.”

He nodded, but then added, “I know a few famous guys who’ve been at the same place I go to. Would you like to know who has them and what they are of?”

Whilst I am completely discrete about my clients in London, I was always curious to hear any really juicy gossip. Mario told me about an A-list actor, who had a long, slim penis with his three initials inked on and those of his wife. “Bearing in mind, he’s long, and that’s six clear initials; I saw them too, so I know it’s the truth! Then a footballer has a tattoo of his baby daughter, as his penis was the start of her life.”

I giggled as he told me a few more examples, but I soon noticed he wanted action of a different kind.

I walked over to Mario and kissed his velvet-soft lips until he responded. He picked me up and carried me to his hotel bed and after straddling me, took a long look at my body and let out a low whistle, gosh I think you’re the hottest of all the escorts I’ve been with in London

“Are you ready for me, baby?” Mario smiled as his cock bobbed to attention, and I giggled again as I rubbed the silky smoothness of his length. I opened my legs and waited for him to enter me. On my part, I wanted to hold his tight, firm buttocks in both hands.

As for the stories, I’d store them in my memory, for my next night out with my gay friend, Franz. He’d enjoy that type of gossip!


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