Sheila gave him an escorts desert

Ian had taken me to dinner at a really nice diner in London. It wasn’t a really fancy place per se, just one of those spots that’s exceptionally comfortable to hang out at and enjoy flavor filled food. I loved the fact that this was his choice for dinner because it allowed me to dip into his personality a bit more. You see, as with many up market escorts I believe that when you really want to get to know a man, you’ve got to know how that man eats and the foods he enjoys. Plus, when you’re in a comfortable environment, you’re more likely to open up and allow your date to get to know you a bit better.

So, over dinner, I ensured that I found out just the things that drove Ian crazy. I wanted to make sure that I knew the right way to end our night. We flirted for the entirety of our dinner, with me constantly rubbing me heels along the length of his thighs and him leaning in to give me little pecks on my neck while sneakily grabbing a closer peep at my cleavage. You could say that things started off slowly. However, when we got back to his apartment near London’s famous Edgware Road, there was nothing slow about our interaction. I’m the kind of escort who knows just how to please a man and for Ian, I definitely took things a couple notches higher. During dinner, all our senses had been heightened and all the teasing that we had been doing only served to make us want each other more and more. Having skipped desert at the restaurant, he wasn’t reluctant to take advantage of the desert that I had prepared for him. One sexy Sheila with splashes of whip cream and strawberries to add a bit more sweetness to an already sweet treat. Ian devoured me as though he didn’t touch his food during dinner. He surely had an appetite and you could say that of all the things that came in contact with his lips that night, I was by far the tastiest and most enjoyable one. But of course my hunger grew throughout the night as well and thus, I ensured that I had my very own Ian flavored desert to quench my hunger and my thirst for something more. Ian is a true charmer and a true pleaser and I can’t thank him enough for allowing me to introduce him to the most pleasurable night of his life.

About the author:
A petite Croatian girl, Sheila has just started her career as one of our escorts in London. She’s becoming well-known for her bubbly personality and saucy blogs.

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