Slowly enjoying each minute

I met this guy a few weeks ago. I work as an escort, and though I do have my regulars, I do get new faces quite often. This guy was different. He’s the kind that likes to take things slow. At first I thought that this was just something that guys said, after all, he’s paying for my time. In the beginning stages we just sat and talked. It was sweet, but the more he tried to keep his hands off me, the more I wanted him. Time was ticking and running away, faster than ever and I was getting all hot and needy, but I tried really hard to hide it. In the end, just as he was about to leave, I took his hand, I ran it up my wet slit, giving him a taste of what he had missed.

The next couple of days rolled around and he returned. Much to my surprise, he wanted to take things slowly again. He just wanted me to dance for him, so I did, removing an article of clothing with each move. I saw as his eyes widened, and as I climbed onto his lap, I felt a firmness that I knew I just had to have. He was tempting me. I think his aim was to have me want him more than he wanted me, and boy did I want him. As the music died out, I laid on the bed, my bare breasts staring him deep in the eyes. I moved down to the edge of the bed, where I opened my legs, keeping his gaze. I licked my fingers, one by one and stroked my wet pussy softly. His eyes widened once again. I moaned and stroked, the entire time keeping my eyes focused on his. He eased himself up from his chair, slid his pants and boxers to his ankles. My eyes instantly flashed to his enormous cock which was now gripped firmly in his hand. He motioned for me to come over and join him. I walked over, he took my fingers, placed them in his mouth and sucked away the sweetness of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around the back of the chair and carefully slid myself down his cock. My pussy curled around it, my body shivered as his large cock filled me. He grunted as I rode him, slowly, enjoying each minute that my sexual desires were fulfilled. And when he asked if I could ride him faster, I simply replied, ‘I like to take things slowly.’

About the author:
Angel has been working as a London escort at for 8 months

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