Girls With 114 IQ and Above

I headed into the West London night club. Franz, a good friend of mine who was a co-owner at my previous escorts agency, was waiting at the bar as planned. “You’ll never guess who I’m dating?”

I knew he was excited about his new squeeze from his tone and the way his eyes lit up. “Okay, spill the beans” I replied, after ordering a Cosmopolitan. “Well, Daniel is a model. He is hot, available and apparently turned on by my intelligence.”

Now, I wasn’t one to dampen the fires of the start of a new romance, but several thoughts ran through my head.

He’ll be a lot younger.

Franz is wealthy, so that’ll add to the attraction.

Franz gets bored if IQ is not over 110.

Franz picked that number, not me. My own IQ, tested a few years ago, was 114. Above average, who said agency escorts are not clever girls but, Franz had the mental horse-power of a Mastermind contestant. At 148, he was quite unique and needed someone to have great conversations with. At thirty-one, he was starting to want to settle down, and had noticed a change in both my personal happiness levels, and the frequency of our meetings. We met once every other month in London, rather than once a month.

We noticed a couple leaving a table for two and grabbed it quickly. I was keen to hear more.

“So, tell me about him. Name, age, occupation, sexual deviations, etc.”

I laughed as I sipped my drink. Franz looked embarrassed and I knew he’d react like that. He was a little prudish about sex, even though he used to own a very successful agency. He was on my alert list if I felt at all concerned about a client meeting. He’d be nearby and would be there in minutes. Of course, nothing had ever happened but the peace of mind was worth it.

Franz explained they’d met at a meeting; Daniel was Austrian, twenty-seven, and his family owned a vineyard in Salzburg. I was interested.

“What type of meeting, and what type of wine?”

“Well, Daniel is modelling for a few years so he can fund his Master’s Degree in Physics at Imperial College, here in London. He starts in the autumn. As for the initial meeting, we met at an Astronomy event. I went with a friend, but we got talking. One thing led to another, and bingo!”

I felt a wave of hopefulness here. This could actually work, especially if Daniel would be based in London.

I finished my drink and waited for Franz to finish. “As for the wine, it is white, but I haven’t a clue about the grapes. You can ask when you meet him, but that won’t be tonight!”

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