No escorts in London can satisfy like me

It was a Tuesday night and when escorts are feeling a bit lonely it’s time for a remedy. I decided to make a trip to a bar close to my London flat. This place is ideal for anyone who needs to do a bit of winding down. Dim lights and the perfect ambiance created by low music and friendly staff, I needed for nothing more. I ordered myself a cocktail, sat down in the quietest part of the bar and sipped the night away. There was hardly anyone in sight. After all, in the middle of the work week, you don’t get the kind of traffic that’s common on the weekends. I thought about life. I thought about how far I’d come and how happy I was to be where I am today. But then, something interrupted my thoughts. My calmness was disturbed by my eyes’ refusal to look away. Through the door, strode a familiar face. An old client of mine, one who was hardly ever in London, walked through the doors and took the seat next to me. I pulled my eyes away before he could realize that I had been staring at him. It was too late. He scooted his chair over and was now sitting right next to me.

‘Daisy,’ his face lit up. ‘How awesome is it that I’m finding you here.’
I was astonished that after almost a year, he had remembered my name- though that night he insisted that there was no way he could forget someone like me.
I smiled back, allowing him to take my hand. He pressed his succulent lips against the back of my hand, gracing it with a kiss. At first, it felt weird seeing him in my neighborhood. However, as our conversation progressed, the weirdness slipped away. I remembered him thoroughly. The way his laugh was addictive. The way he was never short of a joke. And of course, the way he was never afraid to throw one compliment after the other.
One too many drinks later, we ended up at my flat where I was prompted to reenact the night we first met. I gave my all, adding a couple new tricks that I’d learned. Throughout our encounter, he kept thanking me and cursing himself for not having called me sooner. He said he’s never had an escort like me. There’s no doubting that he was telling the truth as there truly is no one who can satisfy a man like me.

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