When not on agency assignments

It’s surely not normal for escorts; I could not believe how nervous I felt as I entered the Art deco building which was now a London nightclub, and where I would be learning some new skills. I had watched burlesque dancers a few weeks ago, and encouraged by my friend Franz, I decided to give it a go.

For obvious reasons, I am not shy of my body, but the thought of wearing a leotard and thick tights, made me feel quite nervous. On most escorting assignments from the agency I undress in front of people all of the time, but these were normal women and I could feel my stomach flip at the thought.

I paid for a five-session workshop, after enquiring about a taster session, but the dancer explained, it would take three sessions to be used to performing the moves, and you start to support the other women around you; hence a minimum number of sessions. Two other women were in the changing room when I entered. The lockers were on the back wall, and several benches were dotted around. I had been hoping for private cubicles. I’d already put on the thick tights, so I quickly dressed in my leotard and put a long cardigan over the top. It wasn’t the warmest of places.

Once inside the main room, the subdued lighting was helpful. There were fourteen women of all ages, all wearing the same type of gear. We were introduced to the use of feathers and we tried out a few sequences, where I had to casually fan out a large fan in front of me whilst fanning my backside, and switching the fans quickly, whilst hiding our bodies as much as possible. I did eventually get the hang of it, but the dancer showed us once again how it could be done. She was a real pro, and I watched carefully as she danced with a sultry expression.

I tried again and this time posed like her. The girl next to me told me my moves looked good, but I knew I would practise at home. I watched our teacher place a number of fans out on a table, and asked us to practise in pairs using different sizes. I coupled with the young Polish girl next to me, who was super-slim and a natural dancer. It was fun, but before I left, I bought two fans and hid them in my tote bag. I’d be practising at every opportunity.




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