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I’d noticed this guy three times looking at me in the bar I occasionally go to with escorts from the agency and my very best friend in London, Anna. He was super-cute, cuter than most of my clients and there was something engaging about him. This time, Anna and I sat down to drink a few glasses of wine and to watch tennis on the television. I don’t often do this, but Anna thought it would be a change from the usual pasta and salad, so I had agreed to go.

It was busy, and as soon as I walked in, it became quiet. I tend to ignore this, but there were two groups of men and they were all eyes were on us.

“Does this happen everywhere you go?” Anna enquired politely as we squeezed into a corner of the bar, with only a partial view of the television after all. Before long, the pretty boy was back at the bar and had taken a stool there. I had a strong feeling he was asking the bartender about us, but the bartender knew Anna better than I.

Eventually, I got up and went to buy a bottle of wine. I noticed the guy next to me who smiled. In return, I said, “Hi!” His eyes were deep blue and he was well-dressed in Armani jeans and a light cashmere sweater – the same blue colour as his eyes. I smiled at him and the bartender gave me the change out of a twenty, and winked at me.

I put the money down, held my hand out and smiled. “Hi, I’m Emma.” I think the guy was surprised and looked at me carefully before he extended his hand. “I’m Josh, hi!” We shook hands and warm energy flowed through me. I tried not to react, but I knew this would be trouble. He looked at me carefully again. “I think I’ve seen you in here before, haven’t I?”

I nodded as I grabbed the wine bottle and put the change away in my purse. “That’s right, Josh. I’m with my friend Anna, but it’s nice to know your name.”

I moved away and sat down. Anna looked at me and at my flushed cheeks. “Oh dear,” Anna smiled and poured the wine into the two glasses. “I think you’ve both made an impression on each other.” I glanced up at Josh who was just sitting at the bar, with his gaze fixed on the television. I just knew he was wondering what to do next. Well, I knew I’d come back in. That would be a starter.


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