The desire struck

His touch was golden- the perfect amount of pleasure coupled with the right degree of pain. There was something about him though, his eyes were warped in this ‘bad boy’ state whereas the way he rested his hand behind my head was protective. I tilted my head back, just enough to get a full glance of his face. I’d never seen anyone like him- so perfect. When our eyes meet, he peered into me as though he was searching for my soul. My blood ran cold but deep down, there was a warmth to be felt.
‘Kiss me,’ I commanded and seconds later his lips pressed tightly against mine.
I parted my mouth slightly, allowing him to dip his tongue in and toy with mine. The smoothness of his kiss was so remarkable, it stole my breath right away. With his hands, he searched my head, massaging my scalp and slightly pulling down. And when I moaned, he got his cue to travel lower. His lips left mine and rested on my neck, sucking lightly at first until the desire struck and he sunk his teeth in me and dragged down. There was that pain again, accompanied by a tingling sensation that left me craving the best parts of me.

‘I want you to take me,’ I told him but all he did was smile.
‘In due time,’ he replied, making me want him even more.
He wasn’t the kind of guy to get ahead of himself. He was patient with the pleasure he delivered and I commended him for that. But the more he toyed with my body, the more impatient I grew to feel the relief that I knew that he too wanted to feel.
Lower, he traveled, tracing his fingers over my thigh and sending even more rounds of desire bursting right through me.
I was his escort for the night and I was happy to have him call the shots, but boy, the way he teased my body was torturous. ‘I’m glad I made this trip to London,’ he whispered into my ear.
My reply was a loud, long moan. That’s the only confirmation he needed in order to be certain that I was also happy he’d paid this wonderful city- and me- a visit.
I definitely can’t wait for him to get back and the next time, I’ll be the one leading the way.

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