Up Market Escorts

The call was on my main work mobile phone, not the cheap pay as you go I use for my London escort business.

It was a call from a property developer. He was building twelve apartments over in East London on land freed up by the government. This was the first of six projects the rest were south of the river or in West London. He’d heard about my skills. Basically, he wanted me to kit out a show apartment. He had basic cream linens for the bed, red sofas, but wanted curtains, a bed runner, bed cushions and sofa cushions made from the same fabric, for all six show apartments. He’d sourced the fabrics but wanted me to quote for the first.

After we’d chatted for a few minutes and I note the details, he mentioned he’d seen my website as he’d been passed a business card from his friend, Sebastian. I took a moment and realised this was the work Sebastian had mentioned to me and he had been good to his word.

My website was a one page portfolio site; it wasn’t flash, but I’d got recommendations and I’d posted testimonials on the site and images of my hand-made items in huge West London townhouses. My up-market image seemed to be working to good effect. I had a helper for two days a week too; a young Irish girl who was proving to be an asset. Now, I’d moved into our new flat, my own work room was a dedicated space, and it was the largest of the three bedrooms.

I arranged to take my helper to the apartment, as I wanted to train her up and get her to see how her contributions help out. Whilst I’m not an interior designer, I have been known to suggest accessories. This could be quite a lucrative contract.

Armed with my portfolio, I was all ready to go, to another appointment. This time, it was a couple who had bought a house in Kensington. At seven million, they had found me on the internet too. Not just good for escort dates the net was proving to be great for business. They had a list of things they wanted. Now, when I was in Morocco, I had brought back 20 kilogrammes of some gorgeous fabric at a third of the price I would buy here. I had samples with me as they wanted that type of look, and plenty of photos to share of finished items. It might be that I’ll go back and take Josh with me. We wanted some time away so this might be the opportunity.


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