Fishing with Marlena and Edward

Though typically thought of as a man’s hobby, fishing is something that this London escort thoroughly enjoys. There’s something about being in open water that’s just so sexy, but in the most discreet of ways. You’ve got lots of time to just think, looking at the waters and enjoying the way the boat bounces up and down, up and down as if it were attempting to mimic the most passionate of scenes.

Edward had called me one night. His wife was out of town and he was growing more and more lonely by the minute. We chatted on the phone for a few minutes. Edward had his demands for all the escorts in his speed dial and rather than just showing up in regular fishing gear or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, he had a specific role he wanted me to play.

I scavenged through my drawers to find the perfect outfit and as I spotted it, I just knew that he would melt when he saw me. I selected a tiny camouflage dress, with little splits at the side to show of my elegant legs. Underneath, I wore camouflage thongs, to match. They had a touch of sparkle with rhinestones that graced the crotch area in the shape of a heart.

Luckily enough, this wasn’t one of those nights in London where the weather was unbearable. Instead, we were afforded the comfort of warmth with the slight chill of breeze to cool our bodies down when things got too hot.

I showed up, ready to fish first and have some serious escort fun later but upon seeing me, Edward just couldn’t keep his hands away from me. On the wet grass, we took advantage of the situation, heating things up and being thankful when the wind cooled us down again. All the time, he whispered the most romantic things in my ear. He told me how beautiful I was, how much affection I deserved, and even better, he showed me just how much he meant each and every word he said, and he showed it to me in a very delightful way.

A long moment later, we headed out on the boat. However, again, as Edward feasted his eyes upon my long legs, he couldn’t resist ceasing the moment. You could say that Edward and I  literally rocked the boat that night.

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