Cold London nights and escorts in need

The fireplace was prepped, sending the most beautiful flames roaring high. I sat in front of it, soaking up the heat and being happy to be away from the London chill outdoors. It’s nice, to just sit back and relax- especially on a cold day. However, there was a difference between that one night and a regular night in the city. I had a visitor. But not a typical man who visits escorts. This man was unlike any I’d ever seen before. His eyes could light up a room, his smile was the one that radiated happiness. And his body, it was an unmistakable work of art. I cuddled up beside him, a glass of champagne in my hand. It felt so good to be in his arms. His muscular chest pressed tightly against my back, his arms draped over my shoulders- I have never felt safer. And when I tilted my head back, those perfect lips met mine. I bit them, softly, nibbling away at the tenderness that was all mine for the night. I loved being his. I loved having him keep me warm.

He whispered the sweetest and most seductive things into my ears, picking up the pace of the night with each word. Once the warmth of the fireplace proved to be less than enough, we headed to my bedroom and snuggled closely underneath the sheets. His bare body against mine was even more tantalizing than I could have ever expected. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly and being an escort who always gets what she wants, I made it my top priority to take him. My lips traveled from his lips, to his neck and then down to the lower regions of his body. He tensed under my touch, showing how much he enjoyed what was being done to him. For the most part, he begged me to allow him to do some of the pleasing. But I wanted to show him that with someone like me, he’ll get what he deserves. Tending to his needs was all I wanted to do. His satisfaction was my ultimate priority. Of course, once I’d brought him to the brink and back, it was his time to take charge. That night proved to me how much of a wise decision it is to wait for the great things in life. After he was through with me, there wasn’t an ounce of energy in my body left for anything more.

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