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Bath time just got interesting

A nice long bath is just the thing an escort needs to end the day. It had been an especially long day for me. Though I hadn’t been at work, there were a million and one things that needed to be taken care of. After walking around London, in shoes that were less than comfortable to wear for long durations of time, I couldn’t wait to be home. My first point of interest was my bathroom. There, I ran the water, filled the bath with the sweet scent of lavender and lit a few candles. Of course, no bath time is complete without a class of wine to tease my pallet. So, in order to do things right, I poured myself a glass of the best wine I had in my cabinet. It was time; time to soak my skin and drift away in the bathtub. However, things didn’t go as planned. Just as I was about to dip my feet in the water, there was a knock at the door.

‘How could I have forgotten,’ I thought, not remembering that my friend, Jason, wanted to drop off some things I’d left at his place.
I wrapped a towel around myself, opened the door and invited him in. We both laughed at how inconvenient his timing was, but sat down for a little chit chat anyways. I guess one too many minutes of seeing me in nothing but a towel caused his mind to wander. He scooted closer to me on the sofa, ran a hand down my leg and started to whisper sweet nothing in my ears. I had a bath set and waiting and it then occurred to me that there was a way that I didn’t have to make it go to waste. The both of us could enjoy its warmth. I escorted Jason to my bathroom where I undressed him and then allowed him to get a better peek at what my towel had been covering. Together, we settled into the bathtub. However, rather than the relaxing bath I had planned on taking, things got a bit steamier in my bathroom than one would expect. I can’t complain though, we did indeed have a blast. I got to have two of the things I loved the most all wrapped into one night. Knowing Jason, he’ll be sure to show up again during bath time and I can’t wait to taste him again!

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