Meeting with the Agency

I meet with the head of human resources “escort welfare”, Sasha, three times a year. When we meet, usually away from the agency we go for lunch on a Friday, she checks that I am happy, well and generally content with my work. She also gives me feedback. I have never had a really awkward client, only a few who are too drunk to do the deed, so the feedback is always cringe-worthy and I like to get it out of the way at the very start. Then I can relax and drink champagne for two hours, without a care in the world.

At this particular and most recent meeting, we were seated within a very fashionable Hampstead restaurant, as she lives nearby. At forty-one, she looks good and she knows it too. Her face is line-free and she had a nicely-shaped hourglass figure, and was always dressed in Gucci. She manages a small team of escorts and that keeps her busy. She explained to me once, she does not want to reduce the quality, for the sake of quantity.

I’ve ordered seared scallops in a lime and coriander dressing, followed by chicken with pancetta and steamed vegetables. I am not eating any dessert as I’m eating later with a client, before I accompany him to a fashion show.

Sasha is always friendly and this time, wanted to know if I had a boyfriend at all. I explained I never feel the need to see anyone exclusively and on a steady basis. As she took this in, she dropped a bombshell. She was pregnant. I wondered why she was only drinking fresh orange. Sasha realised her body clock was ticking and it was either now or never. She’d take a break for three months and wanted me to handle some of the agency management roles on her behalf. Of course, I would help out for a short time, but a part of me doubted she would want to continue.

We raised glasses and then that was it. Her need for privacy prevailed and the door to her private life was shut again. We talked about work. She knows about my part-time soft furnishings business and would see if she could pass business my way. However, I am not yet ready to give up this lifestyle and even though I’m happy for her, I love my life as a refined lady of the evening.

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