He rocked my world

Hot doesn’t begin to describe how I felt that afternoon when a wonderful client of mine had shown up with only the most lavish pieces wrapped and sealed in a box with my name on it. I placed a delicate kiss on his lips before tracing their plumpness with my fingers. ‘I’ve really missed you, I said,’ sitting back down and unraveling the tightly tied bow. Inside was the most beautiful lingerie I’d ever laid my eyes on. I pulled the thong from the box and held it in the air. A diamond stud in the middle glistened as it tempted me to put it on. The bra piece to complement it was just as glamorous with diamonds carefully placed over the nipple region. ‘I bet you can’t wait to see me in this,’ I said to my client who was busy licking his lips and imagining all the wild things we were about to partake in, he loves to party with escorts but most of all he loves to party with me.

I excused myself from the room and slipped away into the extravagantly mirrored bathroom. Out of my tight pencil skirt and lace panties and into the new lingerie. I smiled as I admired myself in the mirror and I just knew that my client was about to have his heart pounding faster than ever when I entered the room. To top my new outfit off, I redressed my feet in my black stilettos.

‘So,’ I attracted his attention.
‘Oh my gosh, Carolina, you look amazing,’ he said.
‘Don’t I always,’ I teased.
‘Absolutely, but today you’ve just put a whole new round of icing on the cake.’

Because I’m the kind of escort who loves to have her men overly aroused before they’re able to take advantage of their prize, I decided to put on a show to heighten my client’s lust even more. His eyes widened and his body tensed as I swayed my hips from side to side, tempting him to touch me, but not allowing him to receive the pleasure he so desperately wanted to experience. Needless to say, one two many glances made me give in a lot earlier than I had planned. That night, he rocked my world in more ways than I could count and never stopped until I was overly satisfied. This is just one example of the great experiences a girl can enjoy in London has to offer and how wildly fulfilling the men in this lovely city are.

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