Escort models on the catwalk

My cab was caught up in traffic. I’d left a client at four-thirty, and instead of going home and grabbing a cab later at five-thirty; the agency escorts told me that in central London there was going to be unavoidable traffic delays. I’d grabbed a cab straight away, but now had spent a half-hour racking up a huge taxi fare to travel only one mile. I realised I needed to grab a tube train for the next three stops, followed by a short walk. I was wearing fairly-high heels, with a heavy coat, and looked like I was made-up to go out for the night, which, is fairness, I was.


I managed to grab a tube seat and sat down, but it was busy and too warm. I knew I was being stared at, and stared at a spot in the gap between two people. I eventually arrived at Marble Arch London and exited North Side and got my bearings for a few moments. My feet were killing me in the heels loaned from one of the escorts at my last gig and the ankle boots were going to be a relief to wear.


After a short walk to the hotel, I checked the notice board in the main reception area. I headed to the conference area and was met by a receptionist who was looking out for the arriving models. Once in preparation room, I found Shona organising her things. It was already getting busy with people milling around in the main hall, decorated with flowers and glitzy bunting.


I took a glass of fizz from the tray on the main table and wandered into the dressing room, so I could change in private and wait to receive instructions. I wore the ankle boots and outfit from the day before, and followed the instructions for walking down the runway. I had to stop in three places, as indicated by a star on the floor. A big screen would show my hair style as I stood still in the three locations. Obviously it was un-styled at the moment, but this was becoming exciting. I had two attempts at walking on the catwalk, along with the notably younger models in their late teens one I recognised as an agency escort from a firm in west London.


We would be styled in two groups of six, in the space of one hour and twenty minutes, with a half-hour break between the two sessions for drinks and snacks. I was in the second session, but that suited me fine. I’d be able to watch from a table at the back and would note how the models paraded.


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