The escort with a sixth sense

Petra eyed Vlad carefully and whispered to me as she pulled me away slightly. “Be careful of Vlad. He has a reputation. Quite a few escorts London girls he’s been with have told me he is a demon in bed.”

At that comment, tears sprung to my eyes, but I didn’t know why. Petra looked at me and then at Vlad. “Oh, you have already been there. I’m sorry. Does Peter know that?”

I looked at her, “I split with Vlad; not the other way round. I don’t know Peter that well yet, so please don’t spoil it.”

Petra nodded. “I won’t say anything, but be clear that you don’t have any feelings for Vlad before you take things more seriously with Peter. I’m his sister and after his girlfriend died in that awful car accident on the road to London, I’m very protective of him.”

She took my arm and we went to the vodka fountain in a small room off the main room. I took a glass and drank it down in one shot. I explained I had no idea about the accident. I honestly did not like being thrown in at the deep end like this; it wasn’t fair.

I heard a man talking with a very deep, cultured tone, and then the sound of laughter. I looked across the room to see a tall, handsome man with curly black hair and the greenest eyes ever, come walking towards me. He was wearing a dark suit, trendy, well-cut and a dark shirt, unbuttoned at the collar. The attraction was instantaneous, escorts have a sixth sense for these things.

This was Peter? He was Vlad’s friend too?

As we made eye-contact, I could feel a surge of sexual energy run through me. He kissed me on both cheeks warmly and took my hand. “Let’s go somewhere quiet, Emma. I need to talk to you.”

I hesitated, but whispered in his ear. “Is that why I’m here, just to talk to you?”

His look was one of surprise but I could not help staring at his beauty. Vlad’s introduction to him was exactly right. The most handsome man I’ve ever seen; even surpassing my film crush, Michael Fassbender!

I wasn’t aware of anything outside our periphery. Peter still held my hand; it was warm and full of promise and I knew sex would follow quickly.



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