Escorts except nothing less than Prosecco

Tears pricked my eyes as the real truth dawned on me. Not unlike those owners of London escort agencies that suddenly realised their life was about to change in a big way I felt the same way. That was why I was there, but I couldn’t say anything to him just yet. Instead, I wiped my eyes and asked Josh to pour me a glass of wine from the mini-bar.

Josh rose quietly and explained he’d brought a bottle of Prosecco. He never liked the cheap wine in mini-bars. I heard him open the bottle behind me, the pop of the cork made me jump. The atmosphere was charged with electricity. I asked Josh again about how he’d got into my room and before the appointed time.

I turned around to face him and he immediately noticed I was upset. As he stepped forwards, I asked him to stop and to answer my question. Josh looked concerned but took my cue, passed me the glass of wine, and returned to his seat.

“It was your friend who told me to arrive early as I would be in for a surprise.”

He told he knew the evening hotel receptionist she was not an agency escort, she’d worked in a London theatre for him, so it was really a coincidence. He was only planning to use the key to check out what the ‘surprise’ might be. He had no idea it was me, as the receptionist had passed him the key the day before. He was planning to come back later. He’d knocked on the door three times, and was only tidying his hair, given the fact there were no clues about the occupant’s identity.

I looked at Josh and thanked him for telling me. I sat down and drunk the wine in one go. I had to tell him about me. Josh sat forwards, “You don’t need to do this, you know, the sex, not in this way.”

I looked at his handsome, concerned face and then I told him my own story. It ended at the fact I’d worked with Sasha, like he had for a night or two per week, so I could afford to buy my rental flat. I no longer worked for her or any of the other London agencies.

Josh’s expression was fathomless, but the surprise was entirely on me.

“Emma, I know about you. Anna had an idea, but it was her brother’s friend who had booked you some time ago; a guy called James, and he’d taken you to a race day at Ascot. He didn’t go into the detail, but mentioned that there seemed to be no boundaries, although nothing happened, except a kiss.”



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