At the agency every girl has a favourite client

He swept the dining table clear, landing all the cutlery on the floor. I had never Eric so excited before. I guess that’s what happens when he leaves London for too long and does not get to enjoy the escort who knows just what to do to tickle his fancy. I stood there, waiting to see what he would do next and wasn’t the least bit surprised when I was lifted into the air and placed gently onto the dining table. I pulled him closer to me, wrapped my legs around him and engaged him in a deep kiss. Owe how I just love have dates with him he, is one of my favourite clients. There was no denying just how badly he wanted me; how much he wanted to take me and make me his lady of the evening forever.

I allowed him to take control of my body the way that he wanted to. He wasn’t usually a fierce guy and though this side of him was one that I never thought in a million years existed, it was nice to see him show some passion for something other than his work and that ‘something’ happened to be me his special agency girl. I placed my hand on his chest and pushed at it slightly, moving him away from me. Keeping his gaze, I unbuttoned his shirt, slowing down the pace. His eyes rolled back as I dragged my nails on his bare chests, something that I know feels incredibly good to him. I proceeded to removing his attire, now it was his turn to undress me and he did so as gently as possible, always finding a reason to stop and tell me that I was the most beautiful of all the escorts in the capital. It felt so amazing being touched by him. And then once I was ready, I informed him to take me and do with me as he pleased.

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