Tall Brunette in a Silk Dress

We entered the theatre by the side entrance. I was wearing kitten heels something London escorts adore, so that I would not trip up. Josh was grinning and held my arm tightly.

“I don’t know why you are nervous. If you are wondering about the two crushes. One is a gay guy Marvin, and the second is a forty-year old divorcee. They will both be here and they’ll be all smiles. There is nothing to worry about.”

I felt the nerves dissipate. At least it wasn’t some young, pretty London girl. I headed into the room with Josh and there were around forty colleagues and some had their partners accompanying them. There was a buffet and bar. No-one looked my way as the room filled with various conversations. I heard a voice and realised it was a woman in her fifties heading our way.

I knew this was Josh’s manager, Gwendoline. I smiled as she came to greet me. A tall brunette, with no grey hairs, wearing a silk shift dress. She reminded me of a top London escort very tanned and happy.

“I know who you are. How are you Emma?” She kissed me on both cheeks and I smiled warmly. More people arrived, so after a quick chat, Josh went to the bar and handed in a token. “We get three free drinks each. It’s probably enough if you go for doubles each time. There is no champagne though.”

I thought that was generous enough and settled for a double gin and tonic with ice and lemon. The buffet looked healthy – lots of different salads and cold meats on a refrigerated base. I then noticed another table. Two large soup urns were paced side-by-side, along with hot pizza slices, and all of the crockery and cutlery.

I felt hungry all of a sudden. There were a couple of food assistants setting out napkins, tables, chairs and a small disco area filled the room, and I noticed a jazz band setting up. Josh explained as it was a Thursday, and a play-free night, it would be winding down by midnight.

I ended up chatting to Marvin, who was overtly flamboyant. He was so lovely and chatty and teased me about Josh. “Well, he chose well with you,” he stated, smoothing his frizzy hair down. “I really didn’t stand a chance.” I giggled and Josh winked at me. He was chatting with another guy, and I felt comfortable enough to mill around by myself.

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