One of the most in Demand Escorts in London

I like to think of myself as a very stylish and elegant escort in London, and so I always make a real effort to wear very nice clothes and look my very best every day. I think this is something one of my regular clients, Charles, always liked about me as he always commented on how presentable I was every time we met. For our most recent time together, I was meant to be meeting Charles for dinner at eight o’clock, but he had a little surprise for me beforehand. He said that if I went to one of the most prestigious boutiques in the capital, they would be waiting for me and that I could buy whatever I wanted on his account.

This was obviously a real dream for a fan of fashion such as myself. Needless to say, I picked out a number of exquisite outfits, not to mention plenty of very feminine sexual lingerie. The staff at the boutique gave me a very personal one-to-one service, very much like the one I was to give to Charles later that evening! As well as knowing that I look good, wearing beautiful clothes, and especially lingerie, just makes me feel so sexy and full of naughty thoughts which is probably why I’m one of the most in demand escorts in London!

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