Sexual tension

It wasn’t long ago that I was just a girl dreaming up a glamorous life in London. Now, here I am, living out my dream and the best part is that I’ve been able to make breathtaking experiences. Growing up, I’ve always heard how pretty I was and men have never been afraid to point out my appeal. But I’d brush all of that to the side, not knowing if they really meant what they said. Except, when I joined the escort business, I really understood how much my body deserved to be cherished.

Joey, for example, is never short on compliments. Once, he came over to my place for his regular weekly visit but rather than wrapping his arms around me within the first two minutes of our encounter, he had a different approach. Joey just wanted to take me in. He’s told me time and time again that out of all the escorts he’s been with, I’m by far his favorite. So, I allowed Joey to kick back and relax while I put on a show for him.

We started the night out with some soothing music, complemented the tone with a few candles and he took a seat in an oversized armchair in my bedroom. Slowly, I allowed each article of clothing to drop from my body and you can guarantee that Joey didn’t drop his eyes from me. Not once! I could feel the sexual tension in the room rising as I moved my hips to the rhythm and gave him full glances of what he’d be enjoying. At times, he had to hold himself back because that look in his eyes told me he was ready to pounce. But he wanted a show and I was going to give him one that made him so aroused, his body would erupt like fireworks when he got a grip of me.

On the bed is where I continued to prove to him that he really did end up choosing the best when he chose me. I toyed with the parts of my body that Joey finds the most fascinating, teasing him and daring him to touch me. Needless to say, Joey found it incredibly hard to last much longer without my embrace. And I must admit, I was happy when he joined me and introduced me –once again- to the magnificence of his touch. Clients like these are a dream come true.

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