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Your Wish is My Command Me Laird

I waited for Adam to appear. He was a new client. With only one hour spent with him last time, he booked a two hour slot with me. I liked how he talked and his accent. He had a job with a Scottish university, but twice a year he visited friends in London, and thought he’d have play-time too. “I’ve been with an escort before, but it wasn’t a high-class set-up like this. You’re the real deal; gorgeous, talented and sexy. I could stay inside you all day.”

I mused that point. “I think you might get bored after a while, or fall asleep, or need food and drink. Even normal people like me need a break.

Adam smiled. “Don’t be put off by this, but I’m a Laird.”

I had heard of the term before. I leaned into him, kissed him and trailed my fingers down his hairless chest, over the muscles of his stomach, and played with his hair further down. He watched my every move.

“Tell me what is a Laird?”

He smiled as he placed my hand further down onto his cock. I could feel the heat starting between my legs again.

“Well, I own land. It’s a title a little like being a Baron, but not as lofty as a Lord. I don’t believe in the class system really, but I own an estate and only do the odd few hours at university now to get a break. I nodded. I remembered an old programme as a child about a Laird. He had a mansion in the countryside and was young and good-looking mmmh the perfect gentleman in need of an escorts skill sets.

Adam turned on his side and touched my breasts gently. “You don’t seem that impressed.” I shook my head gently. “It isn’t that I’m not impressed, I am really. I have slept with a Lord of his country though. Well, I did; he is no longer with us sadly. My exploits with him were nothing to do with his passing either.


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