Then I unhooked my bra

Dinner with Lucas was a relaxed affair. He liked to cook a Thai stir-fry, and to make cheesecake, Paddington escorts have such a sweet tooth. As one of my wealthiest clients, he was both physically and mentally attractive. He’d authored three books about investment banking, and was in the middle of co-authoring a business-related book. He was too busy for a relationship; hence I met some of his more desired needs.

I loved his smart, expensive townhouse in exclusive Belgravia. Lucas had a twenty-minute conference call to make, as his New York manager needed to update him on something. I had picked out one of his books to read and settled into an armchair, just adjacent to where he was sitting. As soon as he called, he turned to face me and I started to read.

His writing was of a good standard; the type you’d expect to see in a book by Sir John Harvey-Jones, as an example. He watched me as I turned the page, and noticed he was staring at my bare legs. I wore a tweed mini-skirt not typical escorts attire, I smoothed one foot down the side of my other leg seductively, and giggled.

Lucas blushed and wrote down something on a piece of paper. I continued to read and when I next looked, he held the paper towards me. The two words were in capital letters.


I stifled a giggle. He was certainly in a playful mood, so I started to stroke my legs slowly.

When I reached my knees, I continued past, up to my thigh, and then crossed my legs. I pulled off my top and fondled my breasts through the thin lace fabric, until my nipples were standing to attention. Feeling naughty now, I crossed to him and knelt in front of him on the sofa. Then I unhooked my bra and let my breasts land softly on his thighs.

Lucas could not take his eyes off me. He stumbled over a word, and I pulled back. It was then that I could see the erection in his jeans. I smiled playfully, and trailed my fingernails up the front of his thighs until I reached his hardness.

I put his finger in my mouth and licked it slowly, whilst I rubbed his erection. Then I traced the wetness of his finger around my nipples and placed his hand back on his lap. After a brief hesitation, Lucas answered a question, reached out and touched my breast again. He closed his eyes and started to talk quickly. This was only just starting to heat up!


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