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Happy birthday Mr President

It was Keith’s birthday and he wanted to do something special with a group of his closest friends. Luckily for him, lots of his closest friends are escorts which meant that he was in for a night of more fun than he could have ever thought possible. My friend Em and I were in charge of preparing things for his birthday party and we thought that it was a good idea to take things to his favorite London hotel. Seeing that it was summer, the weather was just perfect and we were able to take advantage of the pool for this very special event.

During the day of Keith’s birthday, Em and I had some of our other friend set up things by the pool for his party. We had lots of fun toys to go around, the venue was perfectly lit with large and small candles and the drinks were aplenty. We even had another friend, Joe who used to be a bartender, dress up in a shirt and tie to mix up some mouthwatering drinks. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I turned up to the venue. I truly do have the best friends in the world and it was great to have them offer their hand while Em and I took Keith out for lunch during the day.

Oh but the spiciness of the party didn’t start or end with the drinks. Em and I had something great up our sleeves. We had a little performance for Keith- one that he enjoyed thoroughly. After we sang him a very melodic happy birthday, Em and I slipped away to get changed into our sexy bikinis and really made Keith the center of everything. A chair was placed in the middle of the venue for everyone to get a good look at the way we danced and tantalized his body for a fun fifteen minutes.

When things were over and all the guests were on their way out, Em and I took Keith to a hotel room, decorated with two beautiful escorts who were ready and waiting to show him the perfect end to an already perfect night. I don’t think Keith has ever stopped thanking us for that night and I definitely look forward to his next birthday. I have so many other fun things that I’d love to put into action for him.

About the author:
Fondly known as the Romanian Princess, Katy is one of our London escorts and likes to holiday in Malibu.

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