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I had a VIP ticket to a gallery showing in West Kensington, and decided to ask Rachel if she’d like to come along escorts in London are advent lovers of the theatre. Josh was working until late, and the ticket would allow two guests entry to the high-class event. Footballers and actors attended his previous event. Rachel was in need of a cultural uplift, so was happy to go along. She was also looking for a new boyfriend but the chances of meeting another single in a targeted and select audience would be low, but anything I could do to help, I would.

I looked through my wardrobe, and chose a cherry red short-sleeved dress by Stella McCartney, with a contrasting black, red and white hem. I wore a red and black scarf around my neck, an Armani textured black jacket, with three-quarter sleeves. Sheer black tights, a cherry-red handbag and black leather calf-boots by Dune completed my very un escort like outfit.

Rachel met me in the bar next door to the gallery. As soon as I arrived, she nudged me. A smartly-dressed dark-haired man was on the next table, with another youngish man, with blond hair. He was twirling the VIP ticket for the gallery through his fingers in a very absent-minded way.

Rachel smiled at me and whispered quietly. “There are no wedding bands!”

I looked across briefly and noticed they were very engrossed in each other. I spoke back quickly. “I’d say they were a couple, Rachel. Anyway, a lot of married men in London don’t wear wedding bands. I should know.”

As soon as I said that, I bit my lip. Rachel looked at me curiously. “What do you mean?”

I quickly had to find a way out of this. Rachel had no idea I was an escort in my spare time. I explained that so many men hit on me, I always asked what their wives would think if they could see them at that very moment. Rachel seemed to be appeased by that explanation. Soon, it was time to go. We rose and found ourselves at the exit at the same time as the two men from the next table. I looked at the ticket and smiled. “It looks like we are going to the same place.” I thanked the blond who’d opened the door to let us through first. Rachel looked at me. “Were you flirting then?”

I looked back innocently. “No, but the dark guy was looking at you up and down, so I thought I’d open up the opportunity to feel able to chat to us later.”

I winked as we walked up the three steps into the gallery. “This is going to be a very smart event, so let’s mingle, and have a good time.”


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