Furiously indulged

There was something incredibly angelic about the way he looked at me. When I first met Parker at a diner in London, I had no idea that he would turn out to be the great lover that he is. He’s one of those simple guys that every escort needs in her life: not too much aftershave, doesn’t talk a lot but just enough. Everything about him was so average and thus, I thought that his performance in the bedroom would be the same. I was terribly wrong. It seemed as though, Parker liked to reserve his intensity for lovemaking and boy was I happy about that.

I remember seeing the unimaginably switch in him when I worked up the courage to invite him to my apartment. He was reluctant at first, but smiled that simple smile he always had and agreed. The minute the door closed behind us, I saw a different Parker; one that I’m sure the majority of people in his world don’t know exists. He pulled me into him, pushed me up against the door and pressed his hips against me. He was already hard. Extremely hard! I moved my head back, revealing my neck and allowing him to trace the length of it with wet kisses.

Out of nowhere, his hand reached up under my skirt. I moaned, harder and harder as he satisfied me with his fingers. But being the greediest of all escorts I still, I wanted more, I reached down, attempting to unzip his pants but he slapped my hand away. Parker dropped to his knees, pulled my panties down and indulged me furiously before undressing himself.

When he made his way to his feet, he hoisted my legs around his hip. I moaned with anticipation as he positioned himself to enter me. I was so close to the edge that the first few thrusts were enough to send my body spiraling higher and higher. I climaxed loud and hard, but Parker didn’t allow me to come down from the high I was feeling. Instead, he continued to bounce me up and down on his hips, bringing me to another orgasm within minutes. His body was wet, dripped wet. But still, he wasn’t done. We made our way to the couch where he bent me over, spanked my ass red and took me again and again and again.

Now, I know never to underestimate a man like Parker!

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