Getting His Monies Worth

It was always disarming when the mood was strong, and a client stopped Nico’s advances. “Just kiss me,” they would say, and she would stare at them for a moment before conceding with a nod. It had happened more than once, and each time, Nico could only wonder just how lonely someone had to be to pay seven hundred pounds just for a London escort to kiss them. She certainly didn’t mind; relaxed nights were her favorite, as she enjoyed connecting with clients to give them a more realistic experience. But the very idea was foreign to her.

“Just kiss me,” James muttered against ruby lips when Nico reached to slip her hand beneath his pants. She immediately drew her hand away, pulling back just a bit to raise a brow at him. His green eyes looked everywhere but at her, and the woman could have laughed. She didn’t; it wasn’t like she hadn’t experienced the request before. He looked so nervous to want only kissing, however, that it bordered on comical.

Instead of answering, Nico leaned in again to capture him in another kiss. The ones leading up to that moment were heated enough – she was more than happy to provide him with more. It was a shame, really, that it was all he was interested in…Nico had gotten herself well worked up and aroused by the idea of sleeping with a CEO of Bethlam Royal Hospital. Perhaps it was the adventurer in her, or a bit of a morbid touch to her brain cells. But he was a billionaire; money always turned on the most discerning of London escorts, no matter the profession.

God, how the hell does he expect women to just kiss him when he gets this handsy doing it?! Nico thought to herself, a soft groan escaping against James’ lips as he pressed his tongue past her lips and slid his hands along her thigh, just underneath the knee length black dress clinging to her toned form. The bed they sat on the edge of was large; a King bed within a King room of one of the nicest London hotels a client had put them in so far. She shifted to push him down, carefully crawling over him to straddle him; he was getting his money’s worth one way or another, and she could tell he approved when she slowly ground down against him.

“This is how you make so much money,” James mumbled against her lips as he grabbed onto her waist and flipped her beneath him. Nico only smirked with a sense of victory.


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