The agency sent her a perfect lover

The smell of fresh cut flowers on a Sunday morning in London, complement with the scent of cologne on my pillow- these two things will make just about any escort at peace. I can’t say that I’m one hundred percent the romantic type, but there is indeed something about those roses that makes me smile.
This was my reality less than a week ago when what was meant to be a one night stand turned into so much more. Levin strolled through my door, his hands unable to caress me due to the excessive amount of roses he carried.
‘These are for you,’ he said, waiting as I giddily made my way to the kitchen to retrieve a vase.
I have to admit, my smile stretched wide across my face, tugging at my cheeks so hard it hurts. I hadn’t been expecting a gift from Levin and the flowers were a great way to brighten up the dull day I’d been having.

We sat for a while, smiling at each other and working our way into an intense conversation. There was so much chemistry clinging to the air in the room that I found it hard to keep my hands off of him. I could tell he also had his difficulties, ‘I was so glad that the agency had sent him to me’. His eyes pierced me with an unmistakable desire and for moments at a time, we’d sit there laughing at nothing and everything all at once.
I was the one who made the first move. I took the opportunity to take him into my bedroom where we unleashed all the desires that had been eating away at us. Levin’s a great lover and never ceased to bring me to my limits- over and over again. But of course, all things must come to an end. So, the night turned into morning and I was so exhausted that I hadn’t taken note of whether or not he left. Rubbing my eyes, I woke up to an empty bed and clung to his pillow with all my might, breathing him in. Deeper and deeper. For a moment, I wished he had stayed, but knew that just like me, he had a life of his own. Except in a sense, I was wrong. There was a slight ruckus in my living room and seconds later Levin strolled in with two tall glasses of orange juice and a single rose.
A more perfect man in London is absolutely hard to find.

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