She loves Wagyu beef

I took some time off last week to sort out a dental issue and ended up having a wisdom tooth out. I pay for private treatment so it happened quickly and in the space of five days. However, I was totally unprepared for the after-effects. I hid away for two days, looking at the swelling and was thankful for the painkillers.

It didn’t help that the agency had booked me to meet a client for dinner tonight and he wanted to go to a famous steakhouse in central London. I wondered if they could just prepare a salad I could pick at, or prepare soup I could allow to cool down.

One thing was certain. I would not want to cancel the lovely, dashing Marco this evening. As one of my favourite clients, Marco looked after all of his escorts well and was of a similar age. The added bonus was that he was sexy. I waited in the reception area and perked up when he breezed in, with a huge smile.

After I’d mentioned my dental disaster, Marco spoke in Spanish to the waiter he obviously knew and they laughed. I wasn’t quite sure what was said but Marco assured me I could have the most tender of steaks I had ever tasted. I had heard of Wagyu beef and the fact it originated in Japan, but I had never tasted it.

I looked at Marco as he sipped his wine and felt a thrill down my spine. He was such a good lover and if he wasn’t as busy with his businesses, I would be interested in him personally. I would never tell him though.

As my meal arrived, with side salad and a leek and potato mash, as requested, I tried the steak. I rolled my eyes at the tenderness and taste too. It was sublime and I had no problems with chewing as I didn’t need to; it simply melted on my tongue. Marco whispered. “That look on your face is the same as your look at climax, so it must taste good.”

I smiled as his foot touched mine gently and I realised he was barefoot. Every time I ate something, he pushed his toes around my bare ankle suggestively. Marco’s eyes darkened and he quietened. I knew he was getting turned on as his breathing changed. He continued to stroke around my ankle with the slightest of touch. We didn’t bother with dessert and as soon as we were outside, he pushed his hand up my skirt and down inside my French knickers. This will be my favourite piece of rump tonight. I’m looking forward to biting this.”

I think we were both hungry for a different type of dessert.



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