Grass is Greener as a Duchess

Harry Egbert had trust issues which was one of the reasons he preferred the company of London escorts ladies especially.

It seemed that every time he got close to someone, they either broke his heart or tried to steal his money. It was a hard life for a billionaire.

Anastasia Carrington understood that. She understood that he was looking for honesty in a relationship. Even if he had to pay an escort for it.

Every Friday morning found her at the salon; for her all-day treatment to be ready for him. Facial, exfoliation, body treatment, full body massage, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, make up, cut and style for her hair.

All courtesy of Harry.

By the time she left at five she was a new person.

Next on the agenda was picking out suitable outfits for the weekend.

Formal dinner wear. Check.

Tights and tops for lounging about the house. Check and check.

Flirty and fun day wear for informal occasions. Three or four outfits, check.

Sexy lingerie for bed. Black and red lace with cute pink bows, check.

Her latex cat-woman suit for kinky Sunday afternoons. All black and figure hugging with strategically located slit for ease of access, check.

Crotchless panties and corsets for bathroom rendezvous when they went out. Check and check and check.

And a London escorts most important accessory a box of condoms and a pack of lubricant. Absolutely check.

Finished with that, Anastasia waited for the car service to take her to the airstrip. A private plane would be waiting to take her to the Cotswolds where Harry lived in a castle. When the plane touched down, Quimby – Harry’s butler – would be waiting to drive her at a sedate pace in his vintage Aston Martin to the castle.

Harry would be there to meet her at the door, an almost smile on his face and an envelope in his hand. He always liked to pay in advance.

“Get the preliminaries out of the way so we can concentrate on the fun bits.” he said.

She leaned in and kissed him as she palmed the envelope and slipped it into her bag.

“Nice to see you again Harry” she said as she stepped away from him.

He smiled, “And you as well my dear. Come in. we’re having tea in the morning room just to mix things up. Quimby will take your things up. Do you need to wash before tea?”

Anastasia let herself be propelled into his world. For the next three days she was a duchess.


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