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Whipped cream for his favourite escort

Peter was an artist and a very brilliant one at that. Our first time together was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and something that I crave every time he stays away for too long. He really knows how to charm a woman and how to tap into an escorts sensitive side. Typically a hard partier and not much of a ‘nature’ girl, I was a bit hesitant to accompany Peter on one of his adventures. However, he insisted that I would have a great and unforgettable time and so I gave him a chance. Late at night when the stars were plentiful in the sky, I headed to a park in London to meet up with Peter. Much to my surprise, he had gone all out to make the occasion an incredibly special one. There was a picnic blanket on the grass, held down by four vases of the most beautiful roses imaginable. In the middle of the blanket was a bowl filled with strawberries and another with fluffy whip cream. There were two large trees positioned on either side of the blanket which Peter took the honor of decorating with fairy lights and I have to admit that it was just the most magical setting that I had ever seen. But that wasn’t all! There was a large gift, wrapped in silver wrapping paper and secured with a bow. ‘That’s for you,’ he said pointing to the gift.

I had no idea what it was and thus, I was really excited to unravel it. It turned out that during our last night together, Peter had snuck a picture of me while I was half asleep wearing absolutely nothing. The way that he captured my body on canvas truly amazed me and at that moment, I knew just why he chose this career. Of course, such a wonderful gesture had to be rewarded and Peter had just the ingredients that I needed to make his night worthwhile. Slowly, I undressed myself, all while keeping my eyes on him and not once, breaking away from his gaze. When I was fully unclothed, I positioned myself on the picnic blanket and tabbed some whip cream on the parts of my body that I knew he loved to enjoy. Peter had a good time using his tongue to retrieve the whip cream from my creases and I had a great time feeling his tongue all over my body.

About the author:
Croatian born London escort Chloe moved to the UK in 2013 and according to her life keeps on getting better and better.


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